Canadian Tire, Motomaster HDEO, Who makes it?

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Sep 23, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Anyone know which oil this is? Regular price is $2.50/L in the 20L pails. I've pretty much decided that 15W40 HDEO is good enough for all my vehicles and power equipment for the summer at least. Rotella is $3.50/L in the 20L pails which isn't much of a savings over buying the smaller containers.
SOPUS (Shell) makes it... I have purchased this same stuff in the past for our lawn equipment and my Cabriolet. Works great. I now use Amsoil, but has nothing to do with this oil.

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Thanks StevieC,
So I'll assume its Shell Rimula, seems to have ok specs by me. I've actually been running this in my Tracker for the last couple months and it might be quieting down the slightly noisy drivetrain abit. My Neon also has a good valve train tick until it warms up using 5W30 syntec so next change I'll try the motomaster/rimula and see if it helps at all.
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