Canadian Schaeffers Contact

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May 27, 2002
Ocala, Florida
For those of you in canada that wants to locate a Schaeffers outlet, His name is Burkolly, Burkolly Distributors, phone # 306-694-5433 Hope that helps. bob
well patman, Berkly is located in saskatchenwan, moose jaw . We have one other guy located in Lantzville in BC, what he does is go over the boarder and bring it back. He is new so I'm not sure how he is doing and with what. his # is, 250-390-1860 If that all fails, maybe you're not far from the states boarder and could do as he is and zip down and meet with a local rep. Just tell me what area and I'll find one for you directly. Another possiblity is to use a local mailboxes etc in the nearest u.s. town that you could ship to and drive over and pickup from there. Just some ideas. Schaeffers stated that they don't like hasseling with any of the border stuff themselves and they leave it up to the independent dist's to deal with that. Hopefully we can help you somehow. bob [ July 08, 2002, 01:35 PM: Message edited by: BOBISTHEOILGUY ]
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