Canadian Oil Analysis Places

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Sep 29, 2003
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
I want to start doing UOA's on my car, a 1999 Acura Integra with 320,000 kms on it, yep kind of like a fleet vechile, to me anyways. Anyways, am looking of the sites for Blackstone and Oilguard and they don't mention any costs for shipping and handling to Canada, not to mention if there is any special instructions you must follow to ship used oil across the border. So wondering if anyone knows of any good oil analysis places in Canada which have a website for ordering kits, or if there is any difficulty in shipping down to Blackstone's etc. and what the costs are for shipping etc.
There is a Wearcheck location right here in Mississauga Ontario, their website is

For their MOB 2 package, if you order a box of 12 it comes out to $27 per kit. The MOB 2 kit includes TBN, plus a few other extras like the viscosity at 40c.

The problem with us Canadians shipping samples down to the US is the time factor, it just simply takes far too long to arrive, probably it gets hung up at the border.

Wearcheck gives you 3 free Purolator tickets with every box of 12, and after that you are on your own, but it shouldn't cost more than $5 to send it, either through Canada Post or any courier. If I send a sample via Purolator I often get my results back the very next afternoon! Wearcheck allows you to view your results online, which is real nice.
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