Canadian Nissan Sentra rental review

Apr 27, 2010
Suburban Washington DC
Sold and delivered a car to Pittsburgh yesterday and an Avis rental car back was the cheapest and most convenient way home. Overall I felt this Sentra was a pleasant driving appliance with attractive style inside and out. Power was fine but not too exciting. Cruised at 75 effortlessly, but didn't care for the artificial "shift points" programmed into the CVT transmission or the automatic cruise control. You come up to a slower car in front of you and the car slows down fine, but when you move over into the next lane to pass, it abruptly "downshifts" often "2 gears" to accelerate. Should be programmed to accelerate slower without downshifting much. The lane keeping warning that vibrates the steering wheel was nice but could see it becoming annoying after a while. Disappointed it didn't have auto start/stop though. For some reason this car came from Canada (didn't think rental companies allow that) so the speedometer was pretty cool to see.


I rented one last year and it wasn't too bad. Drove from Vegas out to the coast and back. It got good mileage and was comfortable for 2 people.
Just curious why you were disappointed it didn't have auto start/stop? I'm not a big fan of that. Maybe if you are in an area with a lot of traffic, but I find it annoying because it usually will stop a split second before I need to go again.
My sister in law bought one about six months ago because it was one of the few compact sedans actually available with a manual.

Not sure about this car but in our Subaru with adaptive cruise you can set how aggressive you want the acceleration to be, there are four settings.