Can someone school me on the stop and start vehicles

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I can't stand the sound of the start/stop feature in a parking lot after a game or concert. Engines constantly off and on. It sounds like the driver is not BITOG enough to maintain their ride.
It's definitely becoming annoying and unsettling on the road to keep hearing cars beside or behind you starting in the middle of traffic. I guess it just takes a long time for this to become part of the normal background noise we mostly ignore. On the bright side, when you need immediate lane change off a red light, it's cool to be able to jump ahead and pass on people who's car's have more than double the HP (and 10x the resale value ) of my old beater.
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stop start unless easily disabled is like a CVT tranny, best left for another choice!!
It's interesting, and pertinent in "thin" discussions. It's 100% fuel economy/'s benefit to the owner is clearly only reduction in fuel used over lifetime...and as per papers from Mahle and the like, they have had to re-engineer bearings and the like to achieve acceptable longevity... Why are the facts not disputed in these threads, but ARE in others. Is the tradeoff acceptable - probably to most owner.
My wife's 2018 Equinox has the start-stop and it doesn't bother me one bit. But, we do mainly 80% highway driving. The only way to by-pass it is shift into manual mode and leave the gear selector at 6. I leave it off, and it's been returning great MPG.
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