Can someone explain API Service SM?

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Mar 24, 2004
asia pacific
Hi, Theres so much knowledge in this forum it's overwhelming! [freaknout] . Will need the next few months to digest everything. Anyway can someone explain what the new API Service 'SM' is all about? Petronas(of SauberPetronas F1 team) now sell oils with API SM service. Apart from SM being used as a marketing tool what does it signify?
Originally posted by TallPaul: I was not aware that any oil rated SM was on the store shelves yet.
It's not. Here is an excerpt from the recent Lubes N Greases report I got in my email this morning:
API SM: Shorthand for "Still Marooned"? How soon will the American Petroleum Institute begin licensing the new SM and GF-4 passenger car engine oils? Would two API "donuts" be better than one on motor oil containers? Is a public awareness campaign needed to explain the coming engine oil upgrade? All this and more was debated - but not decided - at a recent API Lubricants Committee meeting in Baltimore.
I believe this was done to avoid some confusion of sorts, I believe at least one set of initials were the same as an Asian lube manufacturer, I think I might have seen this in Lube's&Greases about a year ago.
SI was skipped for being an international measuring system. SK as mentioned above. They are a competitor here.
I think it should be called S&M oil, that would justify some of the punishment my favorite oil brands have been taking here lately! LOL
Originally posted by cryptokid: anyone know what happen to sk? why they skip k and go to l?
I think they skipped SI also. Apparently, they just don't like some letters. Maybe to avoid confusion. After SM I expect they would skip the similar looking SN. SO dosen't look right either, so the next after SM maybe would be SP.
Pretty thin 30 and 40 weights, more like a heavy 20 and 30 weight, in that order. Lot's of VI's in that stuff.
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