Can Renaissance Wax be used on internal (as well as external) firearm components?

Dec 1, 2014
From what I read about Renaissance (a.k.a., "Ren") Wax, it's outstanding to coat and protect the outside of your firearms against surface rust.

Since it's a wax, and not a "lubricant", I can't imagine that it attracts dust and dirt the way a lubricant typically would. Also, you wouldn't need to wipe down your firearm(s) beofre going shooting at the gun range like you might had you used a lubricant?

If you accept those statements as an axiom, wouldn't Ren Wax be an outstanding choice to coat many of the firearm internal components (as well as the external) with after cleaning?

I wouldn't use it. I have to think it would just gum up an action over time.

I've used it on nice wood stocks to help prevent water damage, and on external parts of rifle actions while I had the stocks off, but I wouldn't use it on internals of any gun.
BoeShield is designed to protect metals from corrosion. It’s a very thin fluid that’s creepy and flows well in between joined metal parts. It dries to a waxy film and has anti corrosive additives.

You can get it online or at bicycle shops where it gets used on chains.

I've found Boeshield T9 to work well for outside wipedowns, as well as Fluid Film. Especially before going for a wet hunt. The FF is working well as a storage lube as well.