Can Pentosin LV ATF 1 fluid be used in a older Ford power steering system?


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Nov 28, 2014
Steilacoom, WA
Earlier today I replaced a Teflon ring and a o ring on a power steering hose on a 2004 Lincoln Navigator.

I have a bunch of Pentosin LV ATF 1 fluid in the garage just sitting around. Trying to see if there is a reason I should not use this Pentosin in the Lincoln.

  • Long life fully synthetic low viscosity automatic transmission fluid used for lifetime application in automatic gear boxes
  • Provides stable friction performance in electronically controlled converter clutch transmissions
  • Uses premium synthetic base oils and additive components
  • Offers superior shift performance

I don't have any expertise in the matter, but I treat PSF as a simple hydraulic system, and those things take anything from ATF to 15w40. I run Maxlife in my vehicles (based on cost), the jeep is filled with 0w20, since that's all I had when it blew a seal. Oddly enough the seal is holding it, and the power steering is not acting any different.