Can I use oil for diesel engine for my Civic?

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Jun 13, 2004
SF Bay Area
In order to clean it up a little bit? It has 213000 miles on it and it's burning about 1/2qt per 3000 miles.
If so, can anyone recommed which oil I should use and for how long? Also 3000 miles then switch back to regular dino oil?
What on earth is wrong with a high mileage engine using a quart of oil in 6,000 miles. I would say what ever has been done in the past should be continued unless there is some compelling reason to change.

don't do squat to that engine. You'd be stupid to mess with that kinda record.

DON'T USE DIESEL oil in a gasoline engine.
Yes you can use a HDEO (like Chevron Delo or Mobil 1300), or you can also use auto-rx to clean things up a little sooner (around 4k).
Several other board members have posted about how their use of "mixed fleet" oils has visually reduced their engine deposits, and you can safely make the switch permamently if you choose. Most of the mixed fleet lubes have "SL" certs, so by definition they conform to whatever SH, SJ, or SL API rating your owner's manual may recommend. The Shell Rotella spec sheet sums it up: "Exceeds requirements of today's high performance, fuel efficient, low-emission diesel and gasoline engines while providing excellent performance in older engines..." The Motorcraft diesel lube at WalMart is the least expensive version I know of. The one issue is that they're commonly available in 15w-40 weight, which would only be desirable in warmer months in the Bay area. A Napa Auto store or truck supply may carry a lighter weight of diesel lube for the winter months. Your oil consumption is awesome -- about the same as my BMW when it had only 50,000 miles.
Thanks TC, I am going to search for the Rotella or Motorcraft. I just want to clean it up a little bit and ARX is too expensive for this beater.
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