Can I use MOTUL ATV SXS POWER 10W-50 4T in a car engine?

Sep 18, 2021
I live in a remote area and I order my oil online, I normally run Liqui Moly Molygen 5w50 in my BMW N20, it is well out of warranty. I thought I had oil but I don't and I have to drive about 1500 miles in the next week and I am right at my OCI; I had planned to do it today.

All i can find local is various 5w30 and the Motul atv10w50. I prefer to stick to the heavier weight. I know that atv oil has something for wet clutches but I dont know what it is and what harm, if any, it would do in a car. I have also read that atv oils should have more detergents so maybe it would be a good cleaning oil?

I googled all this before coming here with no luck so I apologize in advance if this is common knowledge i just couldn't find.
Where do you live where you can only find 5w30 locally?
Northern East Coast of Canada.

Local place to buy oil is a Home Hardware that just brings it in themselves.

Better Oil selection is about 100 miles away. I could do that tomorrow I guess but it’s like a 5 hour trip return.
I just looked it up, the Motul atv10w50 is API SN rated, which means its suitable for regular car engines. Also the JASO MA2 for wet clutches doesn't add anything, rather it makes sure the oils doesn't contain friction modifiers which can make a wet clutch slip. But many oils don't contain them anyway, they can make things a bit smoother but they are not essential in an oil. This oil also has a decent TBN, and the Motul is a full synthetic based on esters which is nice.

So ideally you would use the correct BMW rated oil if possible, but I personally would be OK running the Motul in your car, and maybe just change it out a bit early.
Have a look:

I am using a Frankenbrew motorcycle oil in my car at the Moment.
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Have a look:

I am using a Frankenbrew motorcycle oil in my car at the Moment.
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