Can I use Mobil 1 in my manual transmission gearbox??

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Jun 22, 2003
Grand Forks, ND
I have 94 Honda Accord with aprox. 92K.

I have never used synthetics in the gearbox over the life of the vehicle.

However, the owners manual calls for any reputable 10W30 or 10W40 oil to be used in the gearbox.

Will the Mobil 1 SuperSyn be too slippery for the synchros to engage properly? I've heard that synchros need "some" friction to work properly.

Is there any synthetic manual transmission fluid I could use?

My goal is to improve extreme cold shifting.
My 93 Honda Civic Si also called for 10w-40 motor oil for it's manual transmission. I used M1 10w-30 for 9 years and 136,000 miles with no trouble. It shifted very nicely in warm and cold temps.
Too cold in Minnesota for any self-respecting 'Nole!

The older Volvo manual transmissions specified either Type F ATF or 10W-30 engine oil. I used Valvoline synthetic blend 10W-30 in one of mine for over 100K with no problems. I have Mobil 1 ATF in there now, but it sounds as though Honda wants you to use just engine oil. I see no reason why Mobil 1 SS 10W-30 wouldn't work.
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