Can I replace 3-way seat switch with 2-way?

Jan 11, 2007
El Oeste
This is a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica Touring. We are original owners and continue to use it daily. But the driver’s side power seat switch is failing and in need of replacement. New is $300 and used is about $30.

The original switch has three buttons - one to adjust seat base, seat back and lumbar. Tracking down a used *exact* match appears to be quite a challenge, as most other models appear to have seat heater controls and memory settings, or ONLY the seat base and back buttons. We really don’t need the lumbar adjustment button to be functional.

Could a guy use the more basic 2-way switch to replace the original 3-way switch?
You probably could but it there is a good chance that the connectors will not match. You may have some wiring to do.
For $30 it's worth a shot. I'd put money on the basic 2 way switch working.