Can I add Selectshift to my F150?

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Nov 9, 2004
central Georgia
Hi All, and happy new year. Since I know there are some Ford folks and some transmission experts here, a question: My wife's 2010 F150 is an XLT trim with just a traditional PRNDL stalk selector, and the "tow/haul" button. Can I add the Selectshift option to this truck? We tow infrequently, but when I am pulling either the double PWC trailer or boat, there are times on the highway where I'd like to be in 6th gear less often, reducing the amount of downshifting on smaller hills, etc. Thanks in advance for your advice!
Probably but it will be more trouble than it's worth. You'd need the stalk, any applicable wiring harnesses and then figure out an app like FORscan to write the option to the truck's computer. We tow heavy (near 10k lbs) with an 2011 F150 and I just throw it in Tow mode and let the truck do it's thing. It keeps transmission temps down and works well. About the only time I intervene is on hills where I try to get some engine braking.
After towing with and without Selectshift, I much prefer it; you can lock it into 5th (or 4th in the hills) and all is good. I've got no technical knowledge, but aside from the stalk you may need the dash and perhaps a control unit of some sort; I imagine the wiring harness and transmissions are the same, just the way it is controlled is different.
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