Can any Canadians possibly help me?

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Feb 3, 2011
Golden Meadow, LA
Ive been really interested in my family history lately, my cousin and I have been doing some research. Ive traced my ancestry back to Marseilles, France, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. Weve traced our ancestry in Quebec to as far back as 1645. My last name is Dufrene (im assuming originally spelled Dufresne). Do yall know what would be the best place to contact to find some more information? Is Dufresne a common last name in Canada? Id really like to go to Canada/Nova Scotia in the next 3-5 years, hopefully ill find out some more info. Thanks for any info you can provide.
There might be a family web site so google it. There are also a number of genealogical web sites, like that you could use to contact people with that name.
I live in the Plattsburgh, NY area, 60 miles south of Montreal. This area was once part of New France, but your last name is not one that I have come across here.
The archives in Halifax are a good place to start. My dad often goes there when he's investigating a land claim down that way.
My grandfather knew a man named "Andy Dufresne" He was a great man, he was with my grandfather (Red) in prison back in the 40's. Legend has it he escaped prison successfully WAIT, sorry...that was a movie I saw once
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I can help you with that. The Dufresne family in Winnipeg, Manitoba opened a furniture store. Now there at least 4 outlets that I know of. Two in Winnipeg, one at the Corral Center in Brandon and one in Regina Saskatchewan. The original spelling remains in Canada, for the obvious reason that we can pronounce French names. Dufresne is pronounced Du Freen eh?
I went to school in Vancouver with a guy named Dufrane, his family was from Belgium, he was born in Vancouver but his parents came from Europe. Lots of Acadian French in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, happy trails.
My family is of French speaking Belgian origin, that is how I know about the Liege Cougar Cafe. Walloons! I can get my cousins to do a search over there. They just signed off FB as they are 8 hours ahead of us.
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I have never seen the surname "Defrene" before. Around here we pronounce "Dufresne" Doo-FRAYNE.
How in the world would you pronounce Brett Favre ??.... wink2
It ain't rocket surgery: I'd pronounce it "brett"! smile
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