Can 5W40 Delvac replace 5W30

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Mar 5, 2003
I have heard a lot of good stuff on this site about Mobil Delvac motor oil. But it is available only in 5W30 and 15W40 as far as I know. Can 5W40 Delvac be used in gasoline vehicles like small cars, trucks and SUVs in place of 5W30 oil?
Yes, Mobil's website specifically says it is great for gas engines. I'm about to use it now. It's a good summer choice. Only problem is finding it. I had to order it. It's Mobil's best oil. Considering most other countries all use 40 and 50wt. oils (even in 4cylrs) it's perfectly fine. Wt. of an oil in the US all revolves around MPG>
I'm up in Loveland, CO, & none of the stores in my area carry D1 either. I've got to drive up to Cheyenne or down to Aurora to reach the two closest Flying-J truck stops that stock it (the other, closer truck stops don't stock it). And they charge about $28/gal. AV Lube (site sponsor) has pretty good prices for D1 in a 4-gal case. Where are you finding the 5W(10W?)-30 D1300S? I can only find the 15W-40 up here.
D1 is hard to find. I've looked at several places in NJ, PA and NY area and couldn't find it. I had to call Mobil and they gave me the number of a distributor 2hrs away.
Delvac 1300 is available from Wally world here in my neck of PA ... Delvac 1 is locally available at a local truck dealer/repair shop ..but is far more expensive than the site sponsor ..hence I ordered the lifetime supply (actually it's less than two oil changes)
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