Camry transmission

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Nov 9, 2008
The six speed manual in my 2011, does anyone know if that was sold elsewhere? Current Corolla, or overseas? I'm wondering what future parts availability will be like. Not that I intend to break it, but I'm wondering if cores will be available in wrecking yards. Or if I ought to keep an eye out for one for parts.
Don't think many Camrys were built with manuals for the past 20 years.Really,its a miracle they offered one up until now.Competitor Chevy Impala/Malibu and Five Hundred/Taurus has never offered one(in their recent incarnations).
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Really,its a miracle they offered one up until now.

+1 Awesome OP was able to get one.

But really, Im not sure the concern is worth the stress. Im sure a core will be available somewhere, Toyota will have some parts availability, and likely rebuilders would be able to work other magic if need be.

Thing is, that's assuming the big IF, as in IF the MT fails internally... Maybe there is a reason to think so, but MT innards if driven well and not some exotic, high power, high speed thing, can generally be viewed as bulletproof. Just keep the fluid changed, and learn to double clutch and apply techniques to minimize synchro and bearing wear inside the MT.
EB62, thanks.

Not truly worried, just making sure. Toyota Uncharacteristically goofed on the Matrix standard trans, and while I've not heard of issues with the Camry trans... it could be that me and the three other owners just haven't wracked up enough miles.

I'm convinced I have a bad trans in the Jetta, bearing going I think. I should pick a weekend to drain and see if anything comes out. But seems very early to fail, considering it had oil changes and mostly highway at that.
In a car reputedly able to go 500k? It'd still have the original clutch at this time had the flywheel not gone bad; it's only on its third set of brakes now, and the last set was only replaced due to rust not wear. As you might guess, it is a highway mover; I looked at my driving habits and I'd wager it's spent 90% of its miles in fifth gear. Easily. Probably closer to 95%. Syncro's feel great in this car, zero change in shift feel as the miles have racked up (wish my Camry did as well, a couple of gears like to grab!).
If the tranny were replaced in the Jetta, I wonder if it really could hit 500k? I know you guys have rust issues but IIRC you said it isn't structural right? Has the high miles changed your fuel economy at all?
Yeah, I still think 300,000 miles is a good effort from a gearbox! I've rebuilt plenty at a third of that mileage, or less. And while highway driving is certainly less wearing on clutches, brakes, etc, sitting in the same gear for mile after mile also keeps the same load on the gear train for thousands of revolutions, so isn't necessarily "easy" on the transmission.

Rebuilt trans or original and unopened, I'd love for you to hit 500k in that thing!
I dunno. Assuming I make it through the winter I'll have to spend some serious time with a sander this summer. I have rust popping up where the door seals touch the body. I have rust under the roof rack rails. I've taken to squirting Fluid Film onto some of the rust areas to slow it down.

I've had the car modified, which increased power and mpg's; but hard driving of late and non-LRR tires have brought mpg down to 43. It gets the job done, but I've taken to cruising at 80 lately as the various noises blend together and cancel each other out--slower and I can hear drivetrain noises better, faster and wind noise takes over. I've stopped listening to the radio as I'd go deaf at the volume level required.
Instead of worrying about parts supply, maintain it.
Change the gear oil every 30k-50k and check/topoff as needed.
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