Cam2 5W/30, 3022, Subaru WRX STI

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Jan 9, 2009
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Here's a link to my factory fill UOA after 3560 miles.

Factory Fill UOA

Factory fill replaced with Wolfs Head HD 5W/30. I followed Terry Dyson's recommendation to run two relatively short drain intervals, and then sending a sample for him to analyze. Here is what I did after the first OCI in the form of Terry Recommended/what I did.

1. 1500 miles/1507 miles (used Cam2 5W/30 - Free oil change from Subaru)
2. 2500 miles/ 3022 miles (sent sample to Dyson for analysis.)

Here are the results (Factory Fill UOA/Current UOA):

Miles On Oil: 3022
Total Miles: 8091
Make-up Oil: None

Iron: 68/10
Chromium: 1/1
Lead: 15/1
Copper: 272/31
Tin: 26/0
Aluminum: 28/3
Nickel: 0/0
Silver: 3/2
Silicon: 117/12
Boron: 164/117
Sodium: 164/7
Magnesium: 22/14
Calcium: 2092/1639
Barium: 16/3
Phosphorus: 1150/937
Zinc: 1348/902
Molybdenum: 898/74
Titanium: 0/0
Vanadium: 0/1
Potassium: 0/0

Fuel: 1.51
Vis @ 100C cSt: 9.35/8.6
Vis @ 40C cSt: 52.0*
TAN: 1.36*
TBN: 2.6*
OXID: 13*
NIT: 8*
Water: 0
KF: 1353*
Soot: 0.03*
vndx: 143*
Glycol: 0*
Coolant: NO

* Not analyzed prior to current sample

Terry stated that his tests show larger particle sizes than that of Stavely, which could represent an even more significant decrease of certain metals, etc.

I did not burn a drop of oil over the entire OCI, which is good. Fuel dilution seems to be a problem. Just goes to show that Subaru's Severe service intervals for all Turbo-charged cars is pretty applicable if you're using the run of the mill dino 5W/30. I've got Rotella 5W/40 in there now, and may change based on Terry's recommendations. Any other thoughts?
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Hard to tell with all the break-in metals and additives whether this is 'good'....but the numbers DID come down nicely on the second run. I'd have gone with another run of dino to do some more cleaning, before going to a syn; but if you are following the 3750-mile interval, it will flush out fairly soon.
everything appears to be trending down nicely. Do what Terry says and you'll be on the right track.
The dealership owed me a free oil change, which I thought was perfect for a short OCI. I didn't realize they used Cam2 until I called them when filling out the form for Terry.

I'm planning to run the Rotella for 5k miles. I'll send out another sample in another 10k+ miles to see how things look.
Run the rotella for 3750 miles or less if you are staying in warranty and worry about them approving any warranty work on the engine.

I've got Rotella 5w40 in my Suby right now (since Sunday). I didn't notice much of a difference in the way the engine ran than PP 5w30, but I think it's a tad smoother at 4000-5000 rpms. I'm a believer in some engines feeling different when using different oils, especially high-revving engines.
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898 Moly for the factory oil. Is that a typo?

Probably not. Moly coated pistons and maybe high moly factory fill.



What a HUGE relief it is to see the metals come down to a sensible level, and it's not even my car!

I agree with Joe on running shorter intervals, assuming you want to maintain the warranty on the motor.
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