Cam pin?

Apr 17, 2012
West Michigan
Any thoughts on making your own cam pin replacement for an out of production part? Its about a basic as it gets, I have to measure still but its about 1/4"OD by 3/8" OAL and guides the rotating bolt inside the carrier. Gun functions fine with only one, but I'd prefer to have both in place. No idea what the original material specs were other than some type of steel but I figure if I can find some 4130 smooth rod or similar it should be super easy to make. Basically just cut to length. Maybe purchase slightly oversized diameter and sand it down in a drill chuck to fit my pieces well...

Anybody think of a reason to NOT do this? ANy suggestions for low cost, low volume round stock source?
The gun may be out of production, but I would go with manufactured parts. I can still get parts for out of production guns. Not easy, but worth digging around a bit.
What is the gun? If the part is available it’s probably going to be a lot cheaper than making one once you pay for machine tool time.

If the part isn’t available I’d use McMaster Carr for a source for stock. They aren’t the cheapest but they will sell you one part with no minimum order required.

It’s an earlier model Remington 760 (probably late 50s) in .30-06. Finish was a little rough but chamber and bore are flawless and other than 1 missing pin internals are also excellent.