Cam Install and Oil Related Question

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Jul 8, 2002
Lake Anna, VA
I am currently in the process of installing a cam in my 02 LS1 SS Camaro. The general opinion on many LS1 boards is to change the engine oil after installation. About a week ago I changed my oil with new Schaeffer #703 and was wondering the main reason why to change the oil after a camshaft install? On the LS1 motor the only part of the motor opended to the outside is the valve covers, front timing chain cover and water pump. I am making sure everything stays very clean and that no dirt or foreign particles get inside the motor.

BTW I am installing an 02 LS6 camshaft. It is the same one used in the Z06 Corvette. The stock F-Body LS1 cam is amazingly tame while the stock heads are capable of flowing a much larger cam. The LS6 cam provides a nice bump in top end power and has been good for a 35-40 rwhp increase while providing a stealth sound due to it's 117.5 LSA. Another benefit is that it is totally undetectable by the dealer as it purrs like the stock cam and my new LS6 valve springs are identical to the stock LS1 valve springs.

Opinions are Welcome!
When I change a cam, the lobes are liberally covered in a moly cam lube, which is reputed to clog filters, put them onto bypass, and then send metal particles circulating through the oil system.

So I change after 20 minutes at 2,000 RPM.

Seen see through cam lubes 'though, and am sure that they wouldn't clog filters.
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