Caltex Havoline 10W-50 Synthetic

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Dec 21, 2002
I am still deciding what oil to put in my reconditioned 304 V8

I was going to use M1 5W-50 but then I found that there is a Havoline 10W-50 synthetic available.

SAE Grade 10W-50
Density at 15°C, kg/L 0.894
Base Number, D2896, mg KOH/g 10.3
Base Number, D4739, mg KOH/g 9.8
Flash Point, °C 210
Pour Point, °C -30
Phosphorus, %m 0.10
Sulfated Ash, %m 1.1
Viscosity, cSt at 40°C 126
Viscosity, cSt at 100°C 18.5
Viscosity Index 165
Zinc, %m 0.11

ACEA: A3-02, B3-98, B4-02
Mercedes-Benz: 229.3
Volkswagen: 502.00

M1 5W-50 costs approx $AU 65 for 5l while the Havoline costs $AU 48

What do you guys think of this oil??

Those of us from OOTLNOO (One of The Lands North of Oz) are at a disadvantage when it comes to Caltex Havoline 10W50 'cause we don't have it. I will tell you Havoline from US Texaco in its Group I/II and its Group III forms has an excellent reputation; however, I can give you some things to consider:

I'm not sure the Caltex is a full synthetic; it might be a Group III oil (unless you have rules in Oz that are very specific about what can be sold there as a "synthetic.")

Caltex Mobil

SAE Grade 10W-50 5W-50
Flash Point, °C 210 240
Pour Point, °C -30 -54
Viscosity, cSt at 40°C 126 102
Viscosity, cSt at 100°C 18.5 17.3
Viscosity Index 165 187
by now)
ACEA: A3-02, B3-98, B4-02 A3/B3/B4-98 (prob
UD by now)
Mercedes-Benz: 229.3 229.3
Volkswagen: 502.00 505.00
HT/HS 4.4

I didn't use the formatting magic so the numbers have run together...1st are Caltex...2d are M1 except HT/HS which I only had for M1.

You probably won't go wrong with the Caltex and I'd say it comes down to HT/HS for the Caltex and whether you want a thicker oil (Caltex) or a slightly thinner 50wt with a great cold cranking advantage. I'd go with the M1 unless you consider the cost too dear.
I don't suppose cold cranking performance would be an issue in Sydney.
What are the advantages of a synthetic in a moderate climate?
An Sae 30 or 40 CF/SJ or a CI-4/SL 15W40 is all ya need.
Save your money for important things, like Shellas and beer.
Andrew, I think the specs for M1 5W-50 look much better. Caltex 10W-50 is probably a group III oil. It just comes down to what you are willing to spend. Caltex 10W-50 will probably give you very good performance and the engine may very well out live the rest of the car.
I spoke to a Caltex Aus tech and originally he thought it was a Group III. However, he then changed his mind and assured me it was a Group IV (PAO) base oil.

Will double check another day to be sure
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