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Aug 5, 2004
Back in Arizona. Finally
I was just at my AZ store here in Humble Tx and I found several bottles of GC year 01 day 325 and up to 02 year. What kept me from buying it was that the bottle said it was made with imported and domestic base oils and was only rated A1 / SL. Question: is the '01 oil the green stuff or is that not in the window of time for the imfamous "green" that we (we?) so revere? I currently use M1 but the GC UOAs posted here make me wonder. I feel myself being pulled into the Green web but I want to make sure I'm getting the real thing! Double Vanos
It seems Pscholte is busy with the elves at the moment. Please allow me to answer your question. GC stands for German Castrol. The bottle must say "made in Germany". If it doesn't - it's not GC. GC has appeared for the first time on the AutoZone shelves some time in 2002. Therefore the old 2001 stock could not possibly be GC. For more info check this out.
Yup, you probably were looking at older American Castrol. BTW, if your really interested, I am selling some of mine (M02- M04 green, $5.25/qt shipped, less if you pick it up).
<b>vad</b> is correct...the ONLY oil currently being sold by Autozone, Canadian Tire, and Canadian Wally World that can be called GC is the <b><i>Made in Germany</i></b> 0W-30 begining with batches blended very late (like November/December) in 2002 and running to the current oil. So far we have seen very new batches still indicating they are Made in Germany. While the Made in Germany designation is a VERY BIG DEAL to me, for most people, the only thing that matters is the ACEA A3/B3/B4; MB 229.1, 229.3, 229.5; BMW LL-01 etc ratings that it meets or exceeds. But for me, to be THE REAL THING it has to be imported...otherwise--if it were blended in the US--it would still be the GC <b>formula</b> but NOT the "purist's GC." The Elves, while they realize North America can be a wonderful place, prefer the quiet of the Black Forest when working so everyone can hear their tribological tintinnabulation.
Boy, am I ever glad I came here before buying that '01 stuff. By the way, sitting here on my desk is a brand new (05122 ) bottle of GC and it is indeed imported from Germany - A3/B3 SL, MD229.1 & 229.3. I'm going to start the GC thing with my '05 4.3 Chevy work truck. If all goes well I'll probably try it in my '02 BMW 330ci and see if he likes it. He's used to drinking M1 0/40 (with great results). That new bottle of GC sitting on my desk? I'ts gold colored (wish it was green) Thanks for all the replys: I LOVE THIS BOARD! Cheers all! Double Vanos (my name on
While The Green has an essence all its own, don't get too hung up on it...enjoy the technology and the resulting superior performance of GC regardless of the color. Welcome to the Village!
you can find the green. just have to dig the shelves. sometimes the elves like to pay jokes on us and make us work to get our green life blood. heck I found some bottles in the 5w30 section. I was going to search the other racks but the people in the back was looking at me like I lost my mind lol.
Double Vanos, If you get across town to Tomball, the Autozone had 6 quarts or more of the green left on Wednesday. I think it was the 04 vintage. I only went 13 quarts deep and had 7 of the "gold" for my oil change.
My wife goes to a plant nursery in Tomball from time to time - I'll see if I can get over there. I'm not too worried though, I feel pretty confident that the gold is just as good as the green. I've got a lot of BMW stuff going on with my 330ci right now; at 81k I'm doing a cooling system freshing - water pump, radiator, hoses and thermostat plus BMW's $15 a gallon coolant. I've already done the brakes (rotors, pads and fluid flush)and am raking up the cash to do the suspension: control arms and bushings, shocks, struts and new tires. The 'ol girl is semi retired so all this stuff should last a while.
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