Calling all Chevy Colorado owners....

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Hi 2005 Chev Colorado Crew Cab 4x4 I-3500 5cyl Auto 9800 miles since July 2005. up to 24mpg Excellent truck. would buy another in an instant.
Hi About the AC/Delco, I've noticed that too. Again, a really nice truck with nice mpg. We are pleased.
My dad has an '04 Colorado Z71 4x4 with approx. 45K miles. He loves his truck. Contrary to what people think about the I-5, the engine is strong is very capable. The first time I drove it I was surprised by the amount of power it had and how smooth it was. Handling was also impressive for a truck like that. I too, really like driving it around. Also, he gets pretty good gas mileage. He took a two hour road trip a week ago and averaged 22mpg. The interior could use some work, but for a truck person, it's not too bad. As far as problems, he's only had a few minor ones. Stuff like, idle set too low, couple rattles, etc. Everything was fixed under warranty. Now he's a completely happy camper. I'd highly suggest driving one if you haven't yet.
We have 2 in the fleet that my people drive, more in other divisions. Ours are the GMC Canyon label, 4x4, 4-door, I-5, automatic, base model pickups with some options. Had them in service under a year (~8-9 months). In the 15,000-mile range. Nice vehicles, good mpg, smooth and quiet. We're ordering 5 more pickups in the next week or so and they're all going to be 1/2-ton Dodges. Primarily due to size needs and a pre-occupation by the front-office with 100-150K mile resale value over running costs (mpg particularly). Policy doesn't allow us to use the OLM at present. One of my 'sales' efforts is to show the fiscal responsibility of doing so, but again I run into the above-listed preoccupation.
Perhaps you are right cletus I have a flawless Colorado... but my neighbor's Canyon has minor troubles like idling low, two heater fans breaking, radio that quit working... etc.
sorry cant see getting a I5 cylinder truck that gets the low 20 MPG. when my 4.7L V-8 can get almost 22 MPG and this is a 03 Dodge Dakota QC 4x4. but if you like the look of it. then get one. but wanted to show you that that I5 should get alot better gas mileage than what my V-8 does.
Not really sure WHAT we're getting yet. If I get another Dodge, it'll be another Diesel - already have an '01 Dodge Diesel Quad-Cab, 3/4 4x4 SB, and by the way, it gets 23mpg city/28mpg highway. I'm not fond of the V8's in the Dodges, have actually heard quite the opposite about the gas mileage, and honestly, Dark Jedi, I don't need another high powered engine like a V8, my two daily drivers are a 4-cylinder Toyota p/up and a V6 Rodeo. I'm sure the Inline 5 would put my 4-cylinder to shame in power as well as gas mileage. That's probably more then what I need for a daily driver that carries just a little bit of weight here and there. The inline 5 would be used for home building construction purposes and would probably rarely see a "staple" mpg anyway. [ March 21, 2006, 04:38 PM: Message edited by: Ramblin Fever ]
Dark Jedi, Similarly sized vehicles with similar wieght require the same amount of energy to move. Energy= fuel.. That is why you will often see little significant difference in mileage in vehicles with different engine packages. Sometimes the larger displacement(or appropriately sized) engine operates at a more effecient portion of it's powerband where a smaller one may have to be pushed a little harder and thus get out of it's parameters formaximum effeciency. I do like the idea of inline engines but couldn't they have gone ahead and put another can on it? If this shows to be an engine that is void of headgasket or intake manifold issues, I would consider if the price was right.
From (for reference): Vortec 2800 I-4 2WD with 5-speed manual (Regular and Extended Cab models) 20/27 4x4 with 5-speed manual (Regular and Extended Cab models) 18/23 2WD with 4-speed automatic 17/23 4x4 with 4-speed automatic 16/22 Vortec 3500 I-5 2WD with 5-speed manual (Regular and Extended Cab models) 19/25 4x4 with 5-speed manual (Regular and Extended Cab models) 19/24 2WD with 4-speed automatic (Regular and Extended Cab models) 19/24 4x4 with 4-speed automatic (Regular and Extended Cab models) 18/22 2WD with 4-speed automatic (Crew Cab models) 19/24 4x4 with 4-speed automatic (Crew Cab models) 17/22
Bryanccfshr I agree I dont know why they didnt make it a I6. think chevy was trying to do the gimmic thing. of fuel mileage of a 4 banger with the power of a 6 banger. I dont know but chevy always made these odd cylinder engines. remember the GEO's with the 3 cylinder engine. I am shocked they havent come out with a 7 cylinder engine. Ramblin Fever the 4.7 isnt high powered. its only 230 HP and 305 tourqe. but with any engine if you always put your foot in to it it gets bad mileage. I know I have this prob with my truck. love the sound of a roaring V-8. I was jsut saying if I was going to get a truck that I5 get the same mileage as the V-8 in the same truck class. I would go with the V-8 and just take the extra tourqe and HP it has to offer.
Yeah, the extra torque/hp is nice, but along with it comes extra maintenance as well - believe me, with already owning 3 trucks, I don't need more maintenance. To be honest, I truly don't know what we'll replace the Toy with when it's had it's day, I think though, if we could come across the inline 5 Colorado 4x4 double cab 5-speed we'd probably jump if the price was right. I've heard good and bad things about the automatic tranny 4L60-E that's assigned to this truck, so far, with the issue's I've heard people developing at 90-100k miles, I'm not too thrilled. But, can't remember if the 5-speed is offered on the 4x4 inline 5 - something tells me it's not, but I'll have to double check. If the inline 5 is uneffected by the IMG issues, has no EGR, and a timing chain, it can't get much easier, aside from owning another diesel - no spark plugs to worry about would be another great addition. We're gonna go take a look at the 2005 Frontier as well, for a double cab pick-up small truck, I do like the backseat room in the Colorado for the kids. [ March 22, 2006, 12:37 AM: Message edited by: Ramblin Fever ]
Hi Well, I have the 4t60-e ('97 Olds) with 220,000 miles and other than fluid and annual filters.... no issues. GM makes a pretty decent juice box if you ask me.
Originally posted by lght1: Hi Well, I have the 4t60-e ('97 Olds) with 220,000 miles and other than fluid and annual filters.... no issues. GM makes a pretty decent juice box if you ask me.
Granted, yes, I do believe that they have a better auto then most; and I can't knock GM totally on the auto. I have their 4L30-E in my '97 Rodeo, and at 154k it's shifting flawlessly - but from what I hear, I'm amongst the lucky, most don't last that long. I do baby the tranny in that Rodeo though, and I do believe driving style and maintenance plays a part in going a long way. I hope I can get up and over 200k with 25-30k fluid swaps. If we did get the auto, the fluid would be changed at every other oil change.
Originally posted by Dark Jedi: ......I dont know but chevy always made these odd cylinder engines......
Not too odd, but kind of crazy:  -
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