Calling all 90-93 Accord owners!

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Sep 22, 2004
New Brunswick
I'm curious, have any of you ever adjusted your timing? I went out and did mine yesterday, and after 30+ minutes of checking websites and twisting the distributor back and forth, I finally managed to find the timing marks on the flywheel. I saw three black lines with the middle one marked with the number 15. Now, I've been given conflicting opinions on what the stock timing is for the F22A series engines. Some people say it's 15 degrees, others say 16-17 or so. Right now, I'm not sure what I've got it set at, but it is advanced past the 15 degree mark. I drew a picture with MS paint to represent where my timing is set to. Take a look


Those three lines are the timing marks on the flywheel, and that thing to the right is the pointer on the block to which you line up the timing mark. The picture shows how I have my timing set to as of yesterday, it's advanced slightly past the bottom of the three marks. Since I had to rotate the distributor counter-clockwise to get it there, I assume I advanced the timing? Since all I have is a standard timing light, I don't know what the timing is now set to, so if someone knows how to read those timing marks on the flywheel and can interpret my bad drawing, can you tell me what my timing is now set to? I took the car for a test drive after I adjusted and tightened the distributor, and the car doesn't give a hint of pinging and seems (might be placebo effect) to accelerate a bit better now, so unless someone can convince me to change the timing, I'm going to leave it set to where it is now.
The under hood sticker should give some information at to ignition timing, idle RPM, spark plug type and gap etc. If the sticker is not there any more due the hood being replaced, a Chilton manual will give you the spec for that engine. You don't even have to buy the book, just look at one at the out parts store. In my experience with these cars, advancing the timing does little or nothing for performance, although don't go beyond 2* adv.,,,2* retard may help with MPG without sacraficint performance. Play and see what you get.
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