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Jun 2, 2003
How many eggs do you consume daily or weekly? I'm not counting the hidden eggs that you consume in other food. Question to the ranchers among you: Does a hen lay an egg or two daily whether or not a rooster is at least around, or does a hen lay an egg anyway? If the latter is the case, are there other female birds that lay eggs daily?
3 to 5 a week. I'm not a rancher but have know people who raised chickens. Eggs for human cionsumption normally aren't fertilized. From what I recall, on average a good laying hen under the right conditions averages a bit under 1 egg per day.
I know eggs aren't normally fertilized. I'm simply wondering if unlike other birds, hens just happen to lay an egg every day, or if there is some sort of stimulus required (the sight of a rooster?). Imagine if all female birds did that! I heard a good laying hen can manage to lay two eggs a day. I'd say I eat about 4-7 eggs a week. And yes, my cholesterol is just fine. [Wink]
I visited an "egg factory" in Central Iowa about a year ago. It was AMAZING. The hens lay eggs six days per week. They have tried to figure out how to get them synchronized without success. If they could, then the "factory" could shut down on the 7th day. No joke. I didn't see any roosters so I don't know what stimulates 'em.
The hens lay six days per week -- and then takes one day off? [I dont know] [Big Grin] I really wonder if something stimulates the hen to lay eggs. For example, I know that cows give milk only if they have a calf -- or if something keeps feeding from, or stimulating the cow's udder, once the cow has given birth. As long as the stimulus lasts, the cow will keep giving milk. That reminds me of a case in which a woman was breastfeeding her 7-year old. Someone called the authorities and she was forced to stop that unnatural habit. [Freak]
layoffs I had a hen once, and she did seem to do about 6 a week. When she got older, the eggs got jumbo sized, and once or twice had two yolks.
A good breed (Rhode Island Reds like mine) can do 1 a day ~if~ everything is just right, like food, lighting, weather. When days get shorter and they can't eat due to less daylight, you need to put on a lightbulb, and keep the coop warm, or production will drop off. Roosters have no effect other than you can't propogate a new generation. In fact if you have a rooster, then you need to get the eggs every day or else you end up cracking and egg into the frying pan and you get a embryo on it's way to ... well ... being a chick.
Why don't all female birds lay an egg every or every other day? Why do only domesticated hens do it? Imagine if all female birds were to lay eggs nonstop!
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