C-T oils not 'licenced' by API...problem w/warraties?

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Sep 8, 2005
If you look on the API site, it seems that Canadian Tire is not an approved licencee on motor oils. Therefore, all their oils, from Formula 1 all the way to Autolab are illegally using the API donut.

I know these are Shell oils, and the Shell oils are certified, but if you got an oil change done with a C-T oil, and your car was under warranty, would this cause a problem if you went for a claim? I've gotten my oil changed there once, and was thinking of doing it again, but if there is a risk involved, seems pointless!
Good question.

You purchased the oil assuming it was API certified, but (playing the what-if game) you have what could be construed as an oil related failure. A factory rep digs deep enough to uncover the fact that the oil you used is not API certified, therefore does not meet the warranty requirements. Who would be responsible?

Sounds like it's a sticky situation.

Any chance that since it's a Shell oil, that validates the certification? Or does it have to be brand-by-brand?
I have no idea....I think its worth me calling C-T on it,and if they shrug it off, then it is worth letting other people know about it...could make C-T change their mind real quick!

OTOH, as C-T oils are just re-badged Shell oils, the chance of you having an oil-related failure are prolly pretty low......
I wouldn't get too worked up over this - U.S. "SuperTech" motor oils are not listed either - yet the WalMart brand proudly displays the API donut and the API starburst seal on its bottles and jugs, too. It may just be that the API listings need to be updated or certain store brands are included under a blanket license held by their blenders. WalMart and Canadian Tire have too much to risk by playing fast and loose with false advertising claims - large target retailing giant, WalMart, especially so.
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