C an someone post a pic of GC bottle

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Jan 25, 2004
Ontario, Canada
Hello members,

Can someone please post a picture of the infamous German Castrol (GC) I believe in my earlier post "which synthetic for 4x4 truck" i stated the GC had a red label, although I think i may be confusing GC with the red label for regular Syntec with a red label. Anyhow if someone could correct me or hopefully post a picture it would be appreciated

I agree ferb , from the pic posted above I dont think that is the stuff I was looking at! I believe I was looking at the US stuff as well.. Thanks everyone and I will be back off to wally world to check this out. If this turns out not to be GC is the regular castrol systech good oil? copared to Mobil 1, please see my earlier post called "which syntehtic for 4x4 truck"

Thanks guys / gals
Mr. RAM, North American Castrol is a Group III base as far as I can tell. My idea is that at -30, it will cold crank with the best, but at the -40 you are talking about, probably not.

My data may not be current and I apologize if I'm wrong, but at the extremes you mention, it appears that the Mobil 1 would give you an extra 10 or 15 degree margin.

At -40, I think the Mobil 1 0W-30 would be what I'd go for.

It should be easy for you to get, also.
I called Castrol and asked them if I could have their permission to post pictures of my GC bottles on here.
They responded that they couldn't answer my question, as the appearance of the GC 0W30 bottole is a proprietary trade secret.
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