BWM/Williams, Castrol, and Schumacher

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Jun 2, 2003
I just saw a very short PBS program about Castrol developing race oils for BMW/Williams Formula 1 race cars. The Castrol spokesman said Castrol was developing oils for specific BMW engines together with the engine designers to get the perfect match. Ralph Schumacher said a few things, most notably that the Williams cars gained 5-8hp by using "thin" oil. He didn't say how thin. He added thin oil will also lead to a performance increase in street cars, but at the cost of bearing wear, which he said (grinning), wasn't an issue with race cars that didn't that have to go 100k miles and more. Just thought I'd share.
I saw a similar show with Ferrari,Shell and Michael Schumacher. Same points and they have a mobile trailer lab with them at all times.....they know exactly where they are and where they want to go.....must work. Money talks and walks in F1. [ February 24, 2004, 08:16 AM: Message edited by: Pablo ]
Hi, much the same applies with our V8 Supercar series with Shell having a test lab on site I have mentioned before about the move from M1 15w-50 to M1 R in engines involved in this series These engines are all "pushrod" engines too We can expect to see more engine specific oils produced and moved to "Approved Lists" as new metallurgy, sophisticated ceramics and engine design factors intrude Not unlike the situation in Europe in the 1960's and later The number of engine makers is now significantly reduced from the number around even a decade ago Regards
Micheal and Ralf get the big bucks to drive the cars...what do you think they actually know about motor oil (other than hearsay) [Razz] ?
Hi, DrT - the Schumacher family ( father and sons ) have a very good machanical background. They are quite mechanically capable in real terms. But of course marketing money speaks very loudly I have a fair bit to do with the V8 Supercar series Drivers and Team Owners here Many of them are qualified mechanics and Engineers and are highly qualified in the area of lubrication and application. Many build their own engines and they work very closely with the Oil Company's Engineers at all stages Regards
The role of the top driver in F1 team fighting for world championship is much more than driving, it's also car development. They are very involved in every technical aspect of the car and know more about oils than you think. Tire and chassis development is the main area where their knowledge is utilized but they also give a lot of feedback to the engine suppliers. I bet that Michael knows his Shell guys by name. Fuel and lubricant suppliers spend big bucks in F1 but it's not only marketing for them but also research, that's how they justify their budgets. With one engine rule coming in '04 season I bet they have all new oils developed and tested already. The season starts in less than 2 weeks! [Happy]
Doug, are you going to see the race? Just a reminder: Australian GP March 7, around noon Albert Park 220 Albert Road South Melbourne Victoria 3205 [Wink]
Hi, F1Crazy - I would love to Melbourne and I have never seen a F1 live. I should be shot as I am a F1 fan like you. A friend of mine went to Monaco last year Melbourne is 2k miles from where I live here in the Tropics I have been very fortunate however to have met number of the Pre/Post WW2 drivers for MB. And I have spent many an hour with some of the Engineers involved in their racing programme. The MB Museum near Stuttgart is a great visit for anybody going to Germany As a matter of interest Michael Schumacher is a qualified ( by apprenticship ) mechanic. And now a he is reluctant "development engineer" by occupation! He would more qualified than most people on this Board to speak about automotive technical issues including lubricants I suppose Marketing just gets in the way sometimes Our most succesful V8 Driver here and a household name in Australia is Peter Brock ( now retired ). We have spent many an hour talking about oils and things. Especially the development path of synthetic lubricants in motor sport. He once raced for GM and has run his own team for the last several years. He spends a lot of his consulting time in America and some of that with Mobil! The current star and his protigy and ex. team mate is also as qualified as Peter F1 - I'll be watching the Melbourne F1 ( live on TV no doubt like you ) and I'll be having a Fosters or two "with" you Kind regards Doug Hillary [ February 24, 2004, 07:25 PM: Message edited by: Doug Hillary ]
Doug, the F1 race live is a must! I haven't been to the race here in US last year but I'm going this year and with some luck I may catch another GP this year(psst, wife doesn't know yet [Big Grin] ). Webber to Williams in 2005!!! [Wink]
[Off Topic!] Hmmm Albert Park is about 20min away from my house. [Big Grin] Last went to the Melb GP in 2002 sitting in the Schumacher stand (surrounded by yobbo Ferrari fanatics....I'm a McLaren supporter [Roll Eyes] ) It was a great event, but I copped waay too much sunburn by the end of the weekend.
Hi, F1 - yes, Webber to Williams - he'e also got a flying licence from flying Benzes at LeMans! [LOL!] Sprintman - keep at it Manuel Fangio saved his best until late in life Losiho - slip slap slop!!! Regards [Cheers!]
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