Buying A Used Vehicle, Best Way to Clean Engine......

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Aug 4, 2002
Ontario , Canada
We are buying a used minivan with 60,000 kms on it and the oil looks a bit dark on the dipstick. Irregardless, I would like to drain most fluids and replace with new. Is there any good way to clean the engine of any old deposits as we dont know how well it was maintained, although overall the vehicle is in great condition. I am looking for something over the counter so I dont want to order away for stuff like auto-rx or similar products although I know they do work well. Or should I just take it to someplace like Jiffy lube and get them to do an oil flush treatment ?. I'm not too sure that they get all of the oil flush product out of the engine though in such procedures so I do have concerns about stuff like that. I'd prefer an otc cleaning additive fluid if possible, readily available at most stores. If anyone has a recommendation please let me know. thanks Joey
If you don't want to try the AutoRX, maybe you could try a couple short OCIs (1.5K miles) with a quality, but inexpensive dino oil, say Chevron/Havoline Supreme for about ~$1.30/qt. or MC 5w20 for ~$1.42/qt, including Purolator PremiumPlus oil filters ~$2.50/ea. At the end of the second short OCI, if the oil is still fairly clean maybe the engine isn't that dirty to start with. I think the best advice though, is the AutoRX. I'm trying it on a friends car right now. So far, so good.
If AutoRX is out of the question, then give a HDEO a go. Something like Delvac 1300 or Pennzoil Long Life on a 5k OCI should help clear things up a bit.
For over the counter, try Rislone or Marvel Mystery Oil. There are also the 5-10 minute cold engine kerosene-type flushes. The frequent OCI and HDEO are also good ideas. Give the 5w40 RotellaT a try.
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