Buying a 32" TV for 12 year old gamer. 720 or 1080

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Dec 8, 2006
Sis wants to get her kid a 32" TV for his bedroom. She has no idea what to buy, so she handed it off to me. He'll use it mostly for video games with headphones on, and also watching DVD's. I can't imagine that it'll ever be hooked up to cable. So, the question. On a 32" screen, is there any easily noticeable difference between 720p and 1080p? I was under the impression that you had to get a screen larger than 40 inches before the resolution made a huge impact. I'm not a gamer, and I rarely watch TV (by choice, it's all rubbish)... so I'm at a bit of a loss here as well.
I'd go for a the higher res as it will make a difference at 4-5-6' away. Also I don't know how slow the response time is on a modern TV for gaming, I suspect some of the budget ones might be too slow?, so perhaps a computer monitor would be best.
I think in some situations, the 720 would be adequate, but for video gaming, and in a bedroom where I assume the distance between the viewer and the tv will be fairly short, I'd go for a 1080. Plus most consoles will display 1080p and I don't think price would be a massive difference at this point.
Get the 1080p. Unless they're sitting like 10 feet back, the difference will be noticeable. You also never know if they'll rearrange the furniture or move the TV at a later date.
Go with a cheaper 1080p TV. most of the cheaper models have better response times since they don't try to pretty up the image. To me, 1080p is heavily noticed when gaming. If he is gaming on PC (the best way to game) there are even larger things noticed with 1080p as the Xbox one and PS4 often only put out 900p.
1080P isnt that great. 4K is better. I get it that its a tv for a kid gaming, but they/you might want to use it for something else in time. I wouldnt buy less than 1080P, that's for sure...
What is he gaming with? PC, PS4 Pro, Atari? How far away will he be sitting? Is he really watching DVD's or will he be watching Bluray? Why 32"? The above doesn't matter much, because the bottom of the barrel is now 1080p. Even the no-name brands are making inexpensive 4k screens.
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I didn't realize you could still get 720p...
Most are 720. There are a few in 1080. I can't imagine that there are any 4k sets in this size. I can't see how it would make any sense for the manufacturer to even make one.
1080, that way if used as a computer monitor it will generally look better. 720 TVs usually use older gear inside so at least the 1080 will be some what new-ish.
WalMart has some great prices going on now, i would go with a bigger screen, 43-55 this would make the gaming experience awesome and he won't have to sit so close to the tv, 1080 or 4K can't lose with either one. thumbsup
Would someone be able to tell the difference if the 720 and 1080 sets were playing the same content right next to each other? Maybe. Will your 12 year old know anything is off or looks bad when gaming on the 720 set? No.
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I didn't realize you could still get 720p...
On smaller TVs, yes. It's common for stuff <40".
What is he using to game??? 4K TV's are available that small (I have a 4k monitor, which is more suited to PC gaming and general PC use), but it won't matter if he can't run it. An old console literally cannot output it, and it's not worth outputting that high in most PC setups.
Step up to a 39" 1080p. I bought this one at Best Buy for $200 (on sale now) and it's a really nice TV. - LINK It has a "Game" picture mode, and he won't need any add on sound system, this TV has some pretty good built in speakers on the bottom so they are loud and clear. It's even a smart TV ... crazy for $200.
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