Buster's Wife and Puppy

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Aug 30, 2004

Michael Wan posting for Buster
I love it. Wait until I show my wife this. Jack Russell Terrier - 13 months old a VERY active.
Congratulations on a beautiful wife and a fine JR...we have one too...yours and ours look very much alike...ours is named David Nigel Beckham and you ought to see him with a soccer ball!
Thank you. She's an awesome dog. Very playful and well behaved too. Extremely smart as well.
Here is a picture of Buster's family; Buster is the one in the white.

Michael Wan posting for Buster

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HAAAAAA. Too funny. I'm getting carried away with my new Camera. I take pictures of everything. I love it. From Left to right, my wife, my mom, me and my brother. Can you tell my brother is in a rock band? AWESOME guitar player.

Michael, thanks for posting these photos.
I will have to figure out what I'm doing wrong so I can post them next time.
Since she is not in the picture, may I assume that your Jack Russell took it?

PS Admit it buster, she took the fabulous tulip photo too, didn't she...hm-m-m-m-M-M-M?
For some reason I imagined Buster to be shorter and squatter....still he looks mean

His wife is pretty....JR's are a bit nervous for me, but the are cute at full speed!

Ditto brother man! Buster you are a lucky man to have a wife like that! I hope your not offended? AR

No not at all. Thanks for the kind words. I'm a lucky guy. I usually don't post pictures on the web but my new Digital Camera is so good, I'd thought I'd show a few pics.
wait until your red-head becomes a Mum...you'll not knwo what's hit you. Still like red heads.

I loved our Jack Russel (nearly as much as my Elkhound)...he had "small dog syndrome".

20lb Jack Russel would take on anything, as long as it was male, canine, and bigger than him.

Shannow, the JR thinks she is 150lbs so I can relate to yours as well. I'm afraid she will get hurt one day going after a big dog. She has been socialzed around other dogs and plays very well with them, but is clearly the dominant alpha when in the group. Just have to keep an eye on her.
Far left Red head. Or the first pic at the very top holding the dog. Blond is my mom who is 49. I think. ha ha. I'll tell her you said that. Will make her feel good.
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