Building a Race Boat

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Jun 2, 2014
We have had some some owners with recent success in the race circuits and a number of requests for similar builds with any recent tips or tricks we've picked up in 3 decades of experience in various circuits. This proud owner is going to be used to try to set a new Super Vee lite kilo record (Our boat set in in 06) Part of the updates from the 06 model will be a high tech lamination schedule further lightening and strengthening the boat - as well as swelling the cost to build significantly. Vectorply Performance composite computed the lamination schedule for us and we sourced our material at Composites One Prep the mold, Lay down Gel, lay down etc first glass on top of the gel and now the fist layer of Carbon/ Kevlar - this stuff is heart stoppingly expensive.
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I know nothing about boats. How much will boat cost completed and turn key ?
Ready to go with power drive rigging and electronics sitting on a tailer ready to race the owner will have 150 to 180K in a 28Ft Boat. Were building the hull and base rigging it- fuel Tank /windscreen/ halves assembly. Owner is finish rigging and powering it. We like to say the cost is about single engine plane or Ferrari/ Lamborghini level money. Blue Boat in the background is basically the same boat with a different top (all through open bow) and twin outboards (2x300SX's) You can see our current client Chad Woody here with the current 28 Evo race boat.
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