Buh Bye Rain X

You should consider buying the small, 6-oz (??) bottles that you manually apply with a towel/rag. In my experience, it works better but is more "work" to do.

Presuming you're now talking about their 16-oz spray that's $5.76, that's $0.36/ounce. If it was previously $4.76 for 12-oz, it increased less than 4¢ per ounce. Your call if you want to ditch them for that outrageous increase.... 🤷‍♂️
Recently used Rain-x
Never again. I get better value with the more expensive Soft 99 Glaco which actually repels rain and lasts.
I've been running slightly dilute RV potable antifreeze with great results. You can drink it, sanitize with it too;
and it is not toxic to breath like methanol based products.
But the time to buy was early Summer when WM was blowing it out for 2 bucks a gallon.
No wiper chatter due to the percentage of propylene glycol in the mix.