British site Black Circles now doing business in Canada

I just did a quick looksie. The same General for my car after the Blackcircles 10% off cyber deal and dollar conversion is $8 more per tire than the Tire rack. The Tire Rack ships the particular tire for free, Blackcircles calculates shipping cost during checkout. Many credit cards charge a foreign transaction fee such as some Bank of America cards, which is 3%.
They offer a good price for us overcharged Canadians. I bought two trailer tires there last summer. Arrived without issue on my doorstep.
$8 more than TR definitely isn't bad for a Canadian site, and still cheaper than a (US or Canadian) tire shop!

Wow that's cool that you worked for 1010 :cool:

From early 2005 to end of summer 2013. When I left there were still only seven people working for the website, including the two guys in the warehouse. I'm sure they have expanded since then.