Bringing Sous Vide to the Home Cook

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Oct 30, 2014
"If you have ever wondered how high-end restaurants get every steak right, every time, it is most likely because they cook sous vide." i call [censored] there. this person clearly isn't knee deep in the hospitality industry. if you want a steak cooked right, hire a good cook. i personally prefer my meat with a nice crust on it. not burnt or charred, but a nice outside crust. i like my chicken cooked with skin on, golden brown. steaks to be grilled over charcoal, after a nice coating of kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper. i've played with a commercial quality sous vide machine, one with a 4,000$ vacuum machine. the vacuum machine is indispensable at prolonging the shelf life of food (especially high end expensive things like ahi grade tuna). the immersion circulator? not so much. i'm sure it has it's place for certain things. a high end steak? i wouldn't dream of putting a high end steak in a tub of luke warm water.
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