Briggs Vanguard 26 hp diesel convert turbo, ????

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Nov 14, 2005
La Crosse, Wi
I am just about done adding a turbo to my briggs diesel, but I am having problems figuring out where to drain the oil from the turbo. Ive tried searching the internet for a pic of the turbo drain tube, but just cant seem to find a good shot. If anyone has a 31 or 35 briggs turbo diesel, I could use some help finding the right place to put the drain.. A pic would be great, Im pretty familiar with the block, so describing it would work too. Thanks.
Understanding how to convert the briggs to a diesel would be great info to see. I cant really help you with your question, but in turbo cars, we dont drain the turbo, the oil in there just flushes out with new oil (and gravity drains).
The turbo drain needs to be above the oil level at all times. I recently installed a turbo on my 1720 Ford compact diesel Tractor. To install the turbo drain I had to remove the oil pan (not easy) to find a spot that did not interfere with rotating components, the oil gallery or block reinforcement rib. I then drilled & tapped for a 3/8 npt & used silicone hose for the connection. Ohhhh baby what a difference 8lbs of boost & a lot more torque!!! Hope this helps. Tim
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