Briggs carb help

Jan 11, 2007
El Oeste
I'm trying to solve a choke issue on a Briggs 550E 140CC with the plastic carb, build date of December 2014. I'm the second owner.

My issue is that it came with a carb that seems to require the choke linkage that connects to the top of the muffler. However, the muffler doesn't have that connection or linkage and doesn't look like it ever has. My question is: Could this mower have originally come with a different style carb that had a different choke system? Every replacement carb that I'm seeing online is identical to the one I have.

I seem to remember thinking at one point this plastic carb had two different tops that accommodated different linkages, springs, etc. If that's the case, does anyone have a part number for the non-thermostatic choke version? When I enter my model number at the Briggs website, it lets me see the operator's manual but I can't access the parts list.

Thanks a lot.
Try looking up your engine at

Remember, B&S engine numbers are in 2 parts, the Model Number which is usually 6 digits, and the Type Number which is of the format XXXX-YY

There will be a plate or a sticker on the engine that has the Model and Type Numbers.
They are a thing now, and they haven't been all that well received in the small engine world. This particular Briggs version has very small ports that can clog easily. They are relatively easy to remove and clean, though. They're also about $10 (aftermarket) to replace.

I was able to locate the non-choke model. It looks like it is #799583 and replaces 591109 and 593261. I see one on eBay for $10.38.

Thanks, everyone. Happy fixing.