BridgestoneTuranza LS-H great tire

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Dec 4, 2004
Lexington, KY
I installed Bridgestone turanza LS-H 225/60/15 on my 95 BMW 525i about 18,000 miles ago. This is my second winter with them. They are great in the rain and do well in the snow. Seem to be wearing like steel and are quiet. Rotate about every 5,000 miles. Grip is excellent in my opinion. BTW, this car is used a daily commuter. However, I think the ride is a bit siffer than the Toyos that were on the car. However I went from a 205/65/15 tire to the lower profile 225/60/15 tire. Both sizes are factory spec.
I have the LS-V, not worth it in my opinion. They are too soft w/ too much sidewall flex, a bit noisier than stock michellin mxv4 plus (a droning noise on smooth roads). I should have gone with a lower sidewall height like you did. They do grip rather well though (in the dry/wet), haven't used them on the snow or ice yet.
Tire technology keeps changing. When I replace the Bridgestone, I may very well use a different tire/brand depending on my research.
Originally posted by seotaji: I should have gone with a lower sidewall height like you did.
He didn't really go with a lower sidewall height. 205 x 0.65 = 133.25 mm 225 x 0.60 = 135.00 mm To reduce the sidewall height while keeping the same overall diameter you'd have to buy larger rims. As far as tires, if you want good grip and stiffer sidewalls in the all-season category, try Pirelli P-Zero Nero M&S.
Originally posted by Russell: Frank Tell me more? I am always interested in a better tire for my BMW 525i.
Well..I am not THE Frank, but I am a Frank, so I'll answer this a little... I put BFG Traction TA's on my contour, and they were the hardest, loudest, most uncomfortable pieces of **** that I have ever driven on. I even went up in sidewall height (from 205 to 215 on a 15x7) for a softer winter ride. Since it doesn't snow that much down here in Memphis, I went out and bought 17x7.5 ATS Comp lights w/215/45/17s Falken 512s. The tires have such little sidewall..I was starting to doubt my choice. But after install and my 1st ride...I was all smiles. Waaaaaay smoother and quieter. great bump absorption. My point? Not sure, but if you uses the reviews on and, view the reviews with cars like yours. Then go post on, or other BMW forumns. BTW..I had a 91 535i, and I ran 225/60/15 Yokahama Avid dBs...and they were awesome. Smooth...quiet...grippy in the dry...a little less in the wet. With a Sachs sports kit, I railed around corners. Oh..another point, I just couldn't justify the cost of the Tauranzas. With Falken 512s and Toyo Proxes 4 for ~$80 on net sites...just didn't make sense.
Frank many thanks on the source info. I have use many of them in the past. Gave me something to think about regarding the next time I replace the tires.
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