Brewing in the Winter?

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Jun 15, 2004
South Dakota
I was wondering how home brewers were keeping their equipment from freezing/gelling up in the winter in non-heated sheds?

I've got my setup in a non heated machine shed. I'm thinking that it would be best if I enclosed the area around my setup and then installed an electric radiant heat panel in the enclosure. I'm not sure if I want it to be 70F but I do need to keep it warm enough so that my pipes don't freeze over on my wash stands.

Would I be better off wrapping the barrels and pipes in heat tape and then insulating them?

I'm assuming that I'd have to definately get a barrel heater to get the WVO out of my barrels.

Any tips or suggestions?
In your part of the country you will need to partition and enclose the biodiesel section. Then of course provide a heat source. The only thing I caution is to make sure you do not have any open type heating element. You cannot use methanol if you use a flame or open heating element. Just a thought. Also if your barrels are not in an enclosed area you will need to heat the oil.
That's what I thought. I plan on using a radiant electric heat panel to heat the area. I will probably try to keep the temps near 50F. I was also planning on using a barrel heater to heat up the oil.
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