Breaking the new car in and oil changes?

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Aug 16, 2005
Rocky Mountains
There is a book out there written by a mechanical engineer who talks about "Breaking" the new car in right. In his book, I think his name was Sikorsky, he claimed you should change the oil in a new car at like 500, 1500 and 5,000 miles right after the car is bought new. The ATF should be changed at like 5,000 he says?

I changed the oil in my Mom's 2000 3.1 Buick Century at 500 miles 1,000, 3,000 5,000 and now twice a year. BTW When I changed that oil at 500 miles guess what color it was? Black? NO! Grey!
was this a special cutting oil? This book also says not to use SYN oil until at least 5,000 miles. he also says ALWAYS change the oil filter and mixing SYN and DINO is fine. He also gives driving tips on how to break the engine in by driving at certain speeds for the first few thousand miles.

It seems like a wisely written book? What do you all think about this guy's ideas? BTW He says that GM, FORD and Chrslyer are fools for telling new owners that they can wait until 7,500 when SOME European makers say do it much more often and especially after just being bought?????
He suggest a special Moly oil additive as the only additive worth the time and $?
The drain intervals and varying the engine speeds seem to be close to what I do for break-in. Personally I change the oil & filter at 500, 1500, 3000 miles then go to the 3,000 mile interval. I would think that waiting until 5,000 miles before using synthetic oil is good advise also. I wouldn't worry about additives as the engine should last as long as the rest of the car anyway. Good maintenance and fluid changes are the life of the car.
I'm a firm believer in break-ins despite the manufacturer's claims.

I just bought a Pontiac GXP and did the first change at 500 miles with Dino, then again at 1500 with Dino, then at 4000 miles with M1. My theory is that 500 miles removes the crap from the manufacturing process and 1500 miles removes crap from the initial break in.

I also try to vary driving conditions at break-in. I avoid WOT, long periods at a constant RPM, and excessive idle periods. Let the engine do a little of everything during break-in and it'll perform better it's entire life.

I never thought about changing the ATF at 5000 mi, but that's probably a wise idea too.
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