Breaking News : Major Refinery Accident (Exxon/Mobil - Texas)

Sounds like they are putting out the fire as we speak..


As previously stated, it is my hope that the injured are okay and that everyone is fine and that gas prices hold off for about one more day at my local stations, some of which dipped under $3 a gallon last week and are at $3.09 to $3.14 as the spread is all over the place... for 24 more hours or so..
This incident benefits nobody. Just awful. Refinery workers do not have it easy even under the best of circumstances. Gotta wonder if the c-suite was cutting corners on safety...
Wow. Hope everyone's OK. Stuff can be fixed.


If nobody loses their life that is most important.

Sadly the poor costs society the most

Honestly, I am surprised I just read something like that.

Tax on the poor is called the Lottery.

Hopefully gas prices will hit 6 or 7 dollars a gallon

Don't give anyone any ideas...............

Free market/supply and demand sets price so maybe we can get back to our own produ.. you know what, never mind. Verboten to speak about these things.