Break-in oil

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Sep 4, 2002
Just bought a new Suburban with 5.3L. I'm looking at using Schaeffer's #701 for the break-in of at least 3000 miles. I plan to switch to synthetics at that mileage. Anyone have any thoughts or opinions? Thanks.
After break-in are you going with a synthetic with moly? Have you considered the #701 for the long run? The numbers it posts here are impressive.
( Anyone have any thoughts or opinions? ) Yes my opinion is to use plain mineral oil for the break in. Something like Motorcraft or Chevron and to put the gas to the floor a few times briefly to seat the rings well before changing to a synthetic. I cannot comment on the Schaeffers oils but I like to be different and still get what I pay for. Have you thought about Phillips Trop Artic 5/30 for the choice of synthetics for the life of the truck ? Maybe the Conoco 5/30 or 10/30 synthetic ? The Phillips synthetic I buy is less George Washingtons than Mobil is at Walmart [Cool] I beleive I am getting a very good oil at a modest price that will hang right in there with the bigger names out there . I switched all my cars and the truck I own to Phillips a few months ago. I am quite happy . I just felt like posting about an alternative oil that does not get much attention here on the forum. So it's JMHO to be different [Cheers!]
Don't know if anything else would be better than Schaeffer #701 5W-30 for break in, but I think you'd do yourself a big favor using Schaeffer #703 10W-30 for the rest of the time you own that engine. It has higher ratings for gasoline engines than anything else you can buy for less than $5(or more)/quart, and shows good analysis results. Ken
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