Break-in oil myth or truth..............

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Dec 28, 2002
West Virginia
First off I was referred to this site and it's a great site...........TONS of info and opinions. lol!

I recently bought a new F-150, it has 2,000 miles on it. I have not changed my oil for the first time yet. I questioned someone about first oil change mileage and I was told that it didnt need to be changed at 500 miles. I come here and read that I SHOULD have changed it at 500 miles. Have I possibly caused damage to my engine by not changing the oil at 500?

Another thing that I have read here is about filter changes. A lot of people dont change their filter everytime they change the oil. I have always changed the filter with each oil change. This info really surprises me.

I would change the oil now. Chances are you are OK.

Not sure who said not to change your filter with your oil, but that sounds like old bo-gus info. Makes zero sense to pitch the oil and keep the old filter. Maybe you read: "change the filter and not the oil" which does make sense for extended oil drains.
You don't have breakin oil in the new motor,you have oil in there that the motor was broke in with

Nows a good time to change it out and get a fresh filter on it for sure.

Whats you plans for the oil brand and weight for the rest of it's life? How the vehicle is used weighs heavily in that decision
My truck isnt driven much at this time because my job provides me with a company vehicle and I dont pull anything major with it. It will also see quite a bit of interstate driving.

Right now I plan to use Moible 1 then switch to Moible Synthetic. As far as weights go I probally will use 5w-30 in the winter and 10w-30 in the summer because I read somewhere else in here that was the thing to do. LOL!

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