Brand loyalty poll

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Jan 30, 2006
I am doing a little survey on brand loyalty. It appears from my reading on this forum that Havoline and its sister products (Chevron) have a mini "cult" status going.

Regardless of price, or whats on sale, or local availability, who only buys Chevron/Texaco motor oils for their changes - no matter what it takes to get it?

I'm loyal to any good oil on sale.



PS: What BrianWC said!
I refuse to use what is on sale cheap. I use Pennzoil. I tried QS about 15 years ago and ended up with sludge.
I guess when you have success with one product you tend to prefer other products made by the same company. If there is an oil product that I don't have any experience on, I will look for a Chevron product.
No brand loyalty here. I use Valvoline, Mobil 1, Motorcraft, Rotella/shell and would use Chevron products and castrol products or most anything if I came accross a good deal. I am becoming more of a Specification shopper.
No brand loyalty, but I tend to run Pennzoil, as that is what is used at the Wal-Mart Lube place I worked at for 7 years, and it is still close to where I live. Other brand I have used fairly frequently is Canadian Tire's house brand, Formula 1, whenever I have the car worked on there.
I'm currently brand-loyal committed to my 79 remaining quarts of TropArtic SM 10W-30 synthetic blend bought at Dollar Tree last August.
As a very wise man anounced from on high, motor oil's motor oil if it meets or surpasses your motor's requirements...
No particular brand loyalty, but the oils I have in stock right now are Chevron, Castrol, M1, and Shell. Different applications, availability of oils, and a desire to experiment drive what I buy. Price is a factor but it's less important than the others.
If I had to pick one synthetic it would probably be Mobil 1 and if I had to pick a dino it would be Pennzoil. I use many different brands though.
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