brakes in 94 Camry

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Mar 21, 2004
Near the beach in Delaware
I procrastinated changing the front brake pads (and it even passed a NY safety inspection...what a joke) and when I did, on one of the pads there was no pad left and the outer 3/4" in diameter (on one side) of the rotor was scratched up a bit, but not very bad. Wanting to get it done quickly and cheap and a Sunday, I just wirebrushed a bit and poped new pads in and was good to go. They are semi-metalic pads. So over time as things wear, will the rotor become smoothed out?
I think the rotor will be permanently scored, but it's not more than a cosmetic problem. It may improve a bit, depending on how aggressive the pads are.
LOL! If your rotor is chewed up badly, may might as well repace the [censored] thing with the cheapest possible one (From Autozone? Chinese made ones?) and replace the full set of front pads. Also don't forget to check/lubricate the caliper sliding pins to ensure no binding... Being cheep is one thing, and I don't wanna see you being so cheep that you literally compromise your own safety trying to shave a couple of bucks.
As I said only a portion (maybe 1/5) of one face of the rotor is slightly scratched up. The new brake pads work fine with respect to braking and stopping. So as things wear they will either stay the same or get better.
Silglide is one of them, also Permatex makes a synthetic grease specified for brake calipers that will not harm rubber parts. Gunk makes one in brush-in-a-tub form with graphite in it. Bought one but never use it for Silglyde works excellent (been using silglyde for 15+yrs and never failed on all the brakes I've serviced so far...period) Do not use any regular petroleum based grease for they will swell and disintegrate all your brake rubber components.
I know Sil-Glyde works. Available at NAPA and other places. May want to consider prevenative rebuild/replace the calipers next pad change if you are still running the originals. Also the hoses. I don't trust any rubber parts past 10 years. Brakes are no place to cut corners.
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