Brake Lines - From Ebay ?

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Apr 4, 2008
Silverstone Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines

Did anyone used those ? or any other cheap brake lines ?
Will I see some improvement over OEM brake lines ?

Don't waste your money on these fancy brake lines, it doesn't improve anything over the OEM.

My brother-in-laws replaced his MB E500 with stainless steel brake lines and flushed his brake fluid, he said the brake feel was not as good as OEM with old fluid. He changed it back to OEM and he liked it better.
Whether you will see any improvement depends entirely on the OE hoses, and the type of brake use. The one difference that the braided hoses can provide is a reduction in hose expansion. With less hose expansion, brake force application is quicker and more direct.

One thing that many people miss is that far more than just the hoses play a part in a soft feeling brake pedal. The brake pads and/or shoes, the brake fluid, caliper rigidity and even the way in which the caliper is mounted, all play a role. Fixing one issue will not resolve a series of faults. One item will not turn an OEM braking system into a racing grade brake package. You've got to look at the system as a whole...

You are very unlikely to see adifference on a car unless your brakes needed bleeding or your old hoses were shot. In either case it wouldn't be the SS lines that fixed the problem.

They will help brake feel a bit on a motorcycle front brake, but that's because the front brake lines on a MC are all flex hose and you are using your fingers to apply the brakes so can feel smaller differences.
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