Brad Penn 5w-30

Okay. for those of you who remember the thread about Pennsylvania Crude Oil - I dumped 5 quarts of BradPenn 5w-30 in my GF's SUV today. I was gonna full it up, run it, drain it out, and fill it up again to flush out all of the old Penzoil, but wasn't thinking when I went ot the store and only bought 6 quarts. Anyway this stuff sounds like it may be a decent oil: MSDS What caught my eye (in the product bulletin) was the pour point of -45F and the [email protected] of 11.3. For all of the GC fans around here - if you look, the MSDS's for the PENN-GRADE 1™ RACING OILS note the color as "green" [Big Grin] I'll also be sending in a VOA in the next week or so - and the UOA (4,000 miles) should be up around Chistmas - she drives alot. [ November 18, 2003, 10:21 PM: Message edited by: medic ]


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Originally posted by Rick in PA: Where did you get the Brad Penn?
5w-30, 10w-30, and 15w-40 are available at local hardware stores, locally owned automotive stores, and gas stations (more expensive), in south-western New York. Going price for 5w-30 is $1.49/qt. If you looked at the page that I linked the first post to, it sounds like a good oil for that price.