BP Visco 7000

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Aug 13, 2002
Finally available in my neck of the woods! Picked up a 4L bottle today. Can't wait for my next oil change to try this baby out


Made in Malaysia! Yikes!
You guys get all the cool viscosities over there! I wish North America had more 0w40s and 5w40s.

What are the specs on this oil? Does it have moly in it?
Nice containter. Looking at the pour points I am assuming its a PAO. Hopefully is or it could shear on you. It will be interesting.
I think you're right, the datasheet doesnt seem to match with the MSDS or the bottle. According to this uk website, there are 8 kinds of visco 7000, but there is only 1 type available in Singapore.

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Since they didn't include any CAS numbers in the MSDS, it is difficult to tell.

The only ester listed is the ZDDP additive.

Calcium sulfonate is [one of?] the detergent/dispersant additve(s) and provides the primary tbn.
I guess you missed out on this, huh?

Malaysia: Free gifts from BP lubricants

The Sun, 28 Jan 2003, Sun Valley p.IV:-

In Malaysia, for each purchase of the 4-litre Visco 2000 from BP, customers will get a free jumbo mug. A glass candy jar will be given free to buyers of 4-litre BP Visco 3000, a BP Visco Collection tea set will be given free to customers who bought a 4-litre BP Visco 7000. The promotion will end on 31 January 2003.

Bought mine from the black market @ S$55. Normal from the BP Station would be S$85! Almost all synthetic oils sold here come with some sort of free gift to entice buyers, e.g. wind-breaker jackets, golf umbrellas, back-packs, picnic bags, mini air-compressors, and portable beach chairs! Mobil 1 Gold 0w40 (Trisyn) sells for a whopping S$95 here!
Sprintman, according to the BP guy I was talking to a few months ago, Visco 5000 is "fully synthetic.

I asked "hydrocracked, or PAO ?"

He responded that it was hydrocracked synthetic.
M1 0w40 is fairly easy to find around here, but anything else in this Euro type of viscosity (well ok Syntec 5w50)is pretty hard to come by. I wish there were more 15w40's to choose from though, especially in synthetics.

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