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Feb 9, 2004
Hi, does anyone have any comments on BP Visco 3000 15w 50? I just cant seem to figure out where BP stands in terms of market place and quality with there oils anymore. They were once the Masters in Australia and really had the superior image of quality and performance oils, but I don't know if products like Visco 3000 and Corse Plus are top rate, fore front made oils or just run of the mill standard type stuff. From what I can gather the Tech sheets read good, but I want to here from anyone that might know a bit more deeper about it or have comments. You can ckeck out the Data Sheet at http://www.bp.com.au/catalogue/default.asp I don't doubt there Technology, but there just seems to be a lack of enthusiasm in there oils.
I'm pretty sure most BP oils are the same as Castrol. I daresay both BP and Caltex Havoline might be the "sleepers" of the aussie engine oil market. I know you're not a fan of synthetic Francis, but Sprintman has said that Visco 5000 is the best value syth around. After seeing that my local BP servo sells 5 litres of Visco 5000 for $39.95, I'd have to agree with him.
Hi Losiho, thanks for the reply and input. It's not that I'm not a fan of the Syn's just that for what I mostly deal with on the Old Tech Rumblin V8 style engines I like Mineral and especially with Push rod engines. For latter model and high Tech engines I would consider them for sure. I have heard allot of good about the Visco 5000, but worried that for the larger clearance engine might a bit to thin. I asked the Castrol / BP blending Question to both party's and got the same answer. "Owner ship by corporate nature only, blending don't in different plants and with different recipes" But who would know hey! I know that years ago Visco 3000 was top rate, but before I use it I want to know that it's not just run of the mill, know what I mean?
I think I suggested that Sprintman try out the Bp 5000 (although he may have forgotten). I saw an Amsoil test that put it above M1 (although probably SS formula) and 2nd to Amsoil. Only problem is that it is available in 4 litre packs (not 5) and more often than not you will need extra.
Originally posted by Francis: I asked the Castrol / BP blending Question to both party's and got the same answer. "Owner ship by corporate nature only, blending don't in different plants and with different recipes"
Hmmm I'm not so sure about that. I remember Sprintman saying that Visco 7000 0w40 is the same as Castrol Formula R 0w40....who knows. There's also a suggestion that Visco 5000 is very similar to the European Castrol Syntec 5w40. Theguru - my mistake, all credit goes to you for suggesting Visco 5000 [Wink]
theguru, I don't think that Sprintman forgot to try the Visco 5000...It's just a feeling that I get. [I dont know] The article was originally in Fast Four'sm and Rotaries, in spite of the fact that it was carried out in a stroker Holden V-8. The Visco 5000 was a real stand-out. Pretty good for what could well be a GIII.
The 3000 and 5000 were excellent on our Timken (the 2000 was bad). I have 20-litre drum 5000 which I will now use exclusively in our Outback. It's a bit thin at 13.95 cSt for the Mazda which I'll be dumping shortly (sump plug gasket leak) but apart from the leak appears little to no consumption. Was going to use NOS Pennzoil 5W50 Performax 100 but busters comment re high VI (198) shearing down quickly has me thinking. M1 15W50 or back to D1 for winter use who knows?
I used the BP3000 in my previous car prior selling it, seems to be good stuff, engine felt smoother and quieter compared to Castrol GTX. Also, besides the gasket leak, not much oil was lost during the service, should be pretty good. I now run Shell Helix City + Shell Helix Ultra (in 4:1 ratio) in my current car, the engine seems to like that. [ March 08, 2004, 04:45 AM: Message edited by: systema ]
A mate of mine loved the Visco 5000 in Formula Fords, and used it in all his customers engines. Another engine builder I knew (caution, gratuitous name drop here), Pat Purcell used it in Charlie O'Brien's NASCAR engines (C O'B was sponsored by BP) and he really liked the results. Up to that point Pat was pretty much an M1 15w-50 user in most of the engines he built. Pat and his then business partner, Tristan Tricas (sp?) did all my cylinder head work. They also supplied cylinder heads to HRT and Gibson Motorsport when they were dominating. The BP usage was around that time. I guess, '95-'96 ?.
Losiho, I'd guess that a racing RX-7 could run just about anything. It's hot, and loaded. Not like most of the rotaries in the world
No, sorry. No insider knowledge there. [I dont know] You would think they would have used Visco 5000 as it was a 24hr race, with a turbo engine, but.......it was a rotary. Don't Mazda caution against synthetics ? Funny thing is a few of the non-factory rotary racers/engine builders used Neo and Amsoil for years. What I forgot to mention was that, to the best of my knowledge, Pat continued to use M1 in the Chevs he built, but he was impressed with how things looked after using the Visco 5000. Another interesting thing was that Shell was brewing or supplying special race oils for Nissan Australia in the early nineties. The then Neo importer asked an engine builder (who previously used a lot of Neo) what they were using on their current Nissan project, and that's what he was told. They were reputedly pretty good as well. Definately wasn't XMO. Rick.
The current Rx-8 runs synthetic (or semi)oils. I think a Castrol imported from Japan!. Right on the container it says not to use synth or semi synth in pre-Renesis motors.
Crikey Sprintman, small world. I used Ivan's dyno for three days in '93. This was organised through Paul Corner, business partner of Barry Graham, who used to use Ivan's dyno fairly frequently. Ivan had a F/Ford head there we tried and it was impressive. It wasn't till Paul talked to Pat afterwards that we found out it was one Tristan had ported under Pat's supervision when they were both at Ivan's. Both Pat and Tristan were fantastic to deal with and talk to. Unfortunately they had a falling out about four years ago and went their seperate ways. I haven't been involved with any racing since then. Rick.
I travelled all over Oz for years with Ivan and Gary Rush's team. Perth, Darwin, Rockhampton, wherever the Oz sprintcar title was held. Maybe catch up with you one day and swap stories as I sure have a few? Also the best NASCAR engine Ivan ever dyno'd was Charlie O'briens Ford. And I remember Ron Shaver, noted US engine builder, was impressed by a set of sprintcar heads Tristan did. Where is he now?
I think Pat stayed at Chipping Norton ( they used to trade as Elite Performance ), and Tristan set up shop in Seven Hills. I could find out fairly easily as he was still doing Formula Ford heads for a mate of mine, Steven Brook, although Brooky is doing more Porsche Cup work than FF these days. I remember when Ron Shaver wanted them to do some heads, that was pretty cool, and made Pat laugh a bit. All he would have done is take them home and copy them. Talking of speedway, one of my old customers was the flying chook farmer, PCR based Peter Attard. I used to look after his refrigeration gear at his poultry processing plant. Rick.
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