BP motor oil

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May 27, 2002
Canberra ACT Australia
BP Vanellus diesel/fleet and Visco automotive range very underestimated product. They have always had a quality reputation here in Oz. Visco 5000 PAO syn testing was a real eye opener!
My place of employment uses bp 15-40 diesel oil at 400 hour change intervals on Cat forklifts using the 3208 cat engine. We have one unit with 30,000 hours and another with 20,000 hours. Air filters and fuel filters are always changed with the oil and oil filters. These machines run 16 hours per day and are not run like a baby. I think this is a good showing for Cat and especially for BP oil. Those hours are on the same engines.
Hmmm....bp vis 5000 is a PAO syn oil? I remember reading on an asian site (Malaysian i think) that it was an 'HC' oil or as they spelled it, Hydrocraked oil. Even so, if i were living in Oz, or Europe (England preferably) id be using that stuff for sure! actually, forget Europe, id rather live in Oz!
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