BP Corse Plus

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my next door neighbour used to use it a decade ago.

But that was obviously many formulations ago also.

I can almost unequivocably state "It's too thick for whatever use you have".
Well it IS 25W-60, so I suppose it's the right viscosity for pancakes.

It smells pretty burned 'though......oh, yeah, my pancakes !!

Must change that 25W-70 out of the Camira, and chuck some 30 weight into it.

You make me smile everytime you mention one of those 25W60s or beyond. Am wondering...I never hear you guys from Oz mention Agip...not imported? not popular?

last time I saw AGIP, I was working at a Shall service station in Canberra.

We had 50l of AGIP sint2000, 10W-50 in stock, and were warned by management that it was non-compatible with regular oils.

It was $10.50 per litre (14 years ago), and we hadn't sold a drop for the year I was there.

My neighbour (same one mentioned above), had an OVLOV 244 with aftermarket turbo, and 18lb boost.

I was into him about oils, and he maintained that 20W-50 GTX, and no idle down was the way to go.

Two turbos later, and he wanted something better.

I sold him the Agip for $8 per litre (still made money, but not as much).

Boss kicked my arse.

Neighbour went to extended drains.....5000km in OVLOV, 5000km filter changes in his beater Datsun 1200.

Last I saw of AGIP.
Actually, it wasn't quite the last time.

One of the contractors that we had about 13 years ago was an affiliate to "The dog with two *****" (in the local parlance).

We had some very interesting things happen as a result of that.
Well, Ive used BP Corse 30, and Agip Sint 2000 in the same race engine 12 years ago.
Corse Plus used to be the road going/longer mileage cousin of the race specific Corse 30 and Corse 50.
I see Corse Plus is now a 25W-60. It used to be a 20W-50. Must admit I haven't looked at it in 11 years since I discoverd synthetics.
Here's its PDS http://tds-au.bp.com/bpglis/oztds3....4cd547c5ab3acd80ca256512007c73e4?OpenDocument

The Corse range used to be the standard in race engine oils in this country from the late sixties through to the early nineties. Most engine builders I know of used to recommend it to their customers. It was used in everything from Formula Fords, through BDA's to V8's.

I used to use Agip Sint 2000 in '92 through a sponsorship from the six legged dog people. Our engine builder dynoed it for us and it was no better on the dyno than Corse 30, but we didn't have to pay for it.

Their gear oils seemed ok as well.

The big problem with Corse 30 used to be its intolerance of high oil temps. Keep it below about 110*C and it was happy. Over that and it 'fell away' really quickly.
A bit like Shell's XMO with XHVI. Get it warm in a race and your oil pressure and power would drop in equal amounts.

Hey, I used to use a 25W-70 Penrite HPR in an old Jeep 258 cu. in. six. Worked well on those plus 40*C days.

So Corse Plus was a 20w 50 in it's hey day!

I heard that a few times around the place but even the Tech help line guy's at BP say "no it's always been a 25w60!

Thanks mate, I found you input realy interesting.

For someone seeking a heavy oil I'd have to say it has always been great for me!

Thanks mate!
I used Corse Plus in my Falcon GTHO Phase III 351 clevo (at least until somebody stole it). Used to asdd STP to it as well. The Crane F260 cam lobes looked pretty bad when I had it rebuilt after 10,000 miles but then 623 lift and triple springs had a lot to do with it too.
I'm positive it was a 25W-50 in the early days.

But that was before there was a 60 to speak of.
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